Negotiating Skills in Action

Gemini Fab

Sycamore Commercial Properties is pleased to have played a key role in negotiating the recent lease for Gemini Fabrication. The complicating factor was the state of the relationship of the landlord and the current tenant, or more specifically, their brokers. Let’s just say near the end, they weren’t holding hands. By playing the concurrent roles of mediator, diplomat, analyst, agent and mind reader, we were able to keep the discussions moving forward and ultimately got everything signed. Despite some frayed nerves, all parties came out ahead – win-win-win.

1. The landlord now had the space leased for a longer term, and got some “parting gifts” from the tenant.
2. The tenant was released from their lease and paid some incentives to our client, on balance saving themselves over a quarter of a million by not keeping an empty facility.
3. Our client received significant moving/modification offsets to takeover the lease, was able to occupy the new plant in time to avoid a renewal of his current lease and can now accept new orders for projects too big for his previous shop.

Gemini Fabrication (check them out at will soon be operating out of a reconfigured 25,000sf plant in northwest Houston with multiple heavy cranes with high under-hook clearances – they make big stuff !!