Are you an asset manager seeking to reconfigure your portfolio of properties? An owner that’s outgrown your current facility? If it’s time to redeploy your capital that’s currently invested in a property Sycamore Commercial Properties has the market intelligence to price it appropriately and the channels to market to get it sold quickly. Need to sell it? Call us.

Tenant Representation

Being an effective tenant rep requires more than access to a database of available properties. That’s why we have associates that are not only skilled in real estate transactions but have substantial real-world business experience. We understand and have lived first hand the issues that arise when running a business and how they relate to occupancy. Now combine that with the best market intelligence available (comps, available, building traits, and neighboring tenants) and then you have effective representation. Ready to find the ideal space for your business? Call us to help you find it with a sniper’s precision.

Buyer Representation

We’ve represented buyers across the spectrum of needs. Whether it’s a medical practice seeking raw land to build a new facility, a savvy investor looking for a value added opportunity an entrepreneur looking to build a new factory and investment property at the same time or a conservative investor looking for stable, passive income. Sycamore Commercial Properties brings the financial, analytical and negotiating skills necessary to achieve your goals effectively. Looking for that ideal investment or facility? When you call us we’ll find the right property to help you achieve your investment and/or operational goals.


As a property owner / investor, your time is best spent looking at the bigger picture – Which markets have the best upside? What are your tenant and operating policies? How are your properties performing? But that leaves the task of filling those properties with tenants unattended – that’s where we come in. We can help you establish effective but marketable policies and take on the task of searching for and attracting the types of tenants you want to fill your space. Got space? We’ll help you get tenants, the right ones.


If you are looking to invest in commercial real estate, attractive investments often require more capital than you may be willing to commit on an individual basis. By utilizing our network of similar minded investors, we can form a single property partnership to take advantage of market opportunities that are too big for the typical individual, yet smaller than the large REIT’s and trusts are interested in. This creates an interesting niche.