New Agent on Board

We’re pleased to welcome Monal Parmar as our newest agent. With excellent academic credentials and an entrepreneurial background, she is well qualified to assist our clients in meeting their commercial real estate needs. Check out her background on LinkedIn –

Anecdotal Market Report – Come on in, the water’s fine

While relatively well balanced, the bulk of our practice is helping tenants and buyers meet their commercial real estate needs, mostly in the industrial and retail sectors. What we think we are seeing is that with oil prices seemingly having bottomed out and stabilized, owners (sellers and landlords) appear to be holding firm to their […]

Lending Environment

The National Association of Realtors recently published a nationwide summary of the commercial real estate lending markets. Not surprisingly, the more positive and upbeat information came from Texas based comments. Nonetheless, it seemed everyone bemoans the increasingly tight stranglehold our well intentioned (or not) government has over the banking industry and its negative impact on […]

Negotiating Skills in Action

Sycamore Commercial Properties is pleased to have played a key role in negotiating the recent lease for Gemini Fabrication. The complicating factor was the state of the relationship of the landlord and the current tenant, or more specifically, their brokers. Let’s just say near the end, they weren’t holding hands. By playing the concurrent roles […]

Rapid Response Team!

When we say “we’ll return your phone call”, we mean it! This kind of response is what landed a recent client and produced rapid results. The national buying club Direct Buy was in need of a Houston warehouse after being displaced due to a structural issue (roof collapse) in their current location. Receiving our first […]